Self-defense suite for ground-based mobile platforms ‘Mirage’

The self-defense suite ‘Mirage’ is intended for armored vehicles (artillery, marine) protection against all types of onboard radar stations with synthetic aperture and Doppler beam sharpening, operating in any surface surveillance (ground-mapping) mode (side-looking surveillance, forward-sidelooking, sector, telescopic (beam-like); the forward-looking one, employing monopulse antenna systems).

Basic characteristics:

Operating frequency range 8-12 GHz
Number of onboard radars, simultaneously jammed up to 10
Minimal effective range of jamming Against aircraft such as E-8C: 50 km

Against weapon control onboard radars: 10 km
Maximal effective range of jamming Not less than operation range of jammed radars
Sector of protection In azimuth: 360°

In elevation: 40°
Coverage zone dimensions Laterally: up to 2 km

In depth: up to 10 km
Weight, no less than 50 kg
Equipment volume, no less than 150 dm³
Power consumption 1000 W