Missile approach warning and countermeasures system for civil aircraft Aura

The system 'Aura' is designed for protection of civil air platforms (aircraft and helicopters) against the terroristic attacks (unauthorized launches) of guided missile weapons of aircraft missile intercept systems and SAM-systems, including MANPADS.

The missile approach warning and countermeasures system 'Aura' accomplishes the following tasks:

Detection of the attacking missile;
Measurement of the attack angle sector (direction of attack);
Measurement of range to the attacking missile;
The information on the missile detection and direction of attack, displayed on the control panel;
Automatic activation of missile countermeasures equipment;
Guidance loss of the attacking missile.

Missile approach warning system (MAWS) 'Aura' includes:

Missile approach warning equipment (-1);
Missile countermeasures equipment (-2).

MAWCS 'Aura' theory of operation:

MAWCS 'Aura' is activated by the operating crew before the aircraft take-off and stays in operation during the whole flight. The missile approach warning equipment -1 operates in the mode of detecting attacking missiles. The activation of -1 emission mode is executed simultaneously with the activation of the emission mode of the onboard radar equipment (radar altimeter, weather radar) or upon the decision of the crew.

Once the attacking missile has been detected (by the command from the equipment -1), depending on the hemisphere of attack, there occurs the automatic activation of missile countermeasures equipment -2 (before the moment, the attacking missile has been detected, the equipment -2 does not emit any countermeasures signals).

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