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27.07.2021 On July 20-25, 2021 the representatives of the company ‘Defense Initiatives’ attended the XV International Aviation and Space Salon ‘MAKS-2021’, traditionally held in Zhukovsky, Russia. The new format of exhibition allowed our company’s delegates to arrange a number of successful business meetings with the leading aviation original equipment manufacturers for establishing further mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.

29.06.2021 Between 23 and 26 June, 2021 the company ‘Defense Initiatives’ showcased its developments at the 10th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery MILEX-2021, held in Minsk, Belarus. This year the company revealed its new solution – the radioelectronic coverage suite ‘Mirage’, mounted on 4WD light motor vehicle . On the final day of anniversary event the company was awarded with the diploma ‘For Innovative Development’.

17.05.2021 Between June 23 and 26, 2021 the company ‘Defense Initiatives’ is participating in the 10th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery ‘MILEX-2021’ (Minsk, Republic of Belarus).

25.01.2021 On 25 January, 2021 the company ‘Defense Initiatives’ marked the 10th anniversary. During this period the Company has developed and successfully implemented a number of innovative products, adopted in the countries across the world and proved their high performance in combat conditions.

08.06.2020 Implementation of investment project: construction of administrative and manufacturing complex ‘Engineering center of ‘Defense Initiatives’ company’.

25.11.2019 Between November 17 and 21, the company ‘Defense Initiatives’ jointly with JSC ‘AZAIRTECHSERVICE’ and ‘Hi Tech Technologi & Innovation Dis Ticaret Ltd.’ took part in ‘Dubai Airshow 2019’.

02.09.2019 Between August 27 and September 1 the company ‘Defense Initiatives’ jointly with ‘Irkut Corporation’ participated in the International Aviation and Space Salon ‘MAKS-2019’. The airborne defense suite ‘Talisman’ was showcased on the parking apron of Yak-130.

27.06.2019 Within the framework of International Military and Technical Forum ‘ARMY 2019’, the delegation of Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus signed a contract with Irkut Corporation to retrofit Yak-130 aircraft for the installation of airborne defense suite ‘Talisman’.

23.05.2019 Between May 15 and 18, 2019 'Defense Initiatives' took part at the 9th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery ‘MILEX-2019’ (Minsk, Republic of Belarus).

09.04.2019 In the margins of the investment contract implementation, the construction of ‘Engineering Center of Defense Initiatives Company’ is in progress. The planned completion of construction – 1st quarter of 2020. The investment project is focused on the organization of innovative, high technology, export-oriented radio-electronic products manufacturing, as well as the establishment of scientific and research laboratories cluster.

26.02.2019 Between February 17 and 21, 2019 the company ‘Defense Initiatives’ participated at International Defence Exhibition and Conference ‘IDEX 2019’ (Abu Dhabi, UAE). The developments of the Company were presented at the united pavilion of ‘Al Badie Trading Est.’.

19.12.2018 The currently implemented investment project includes the construction of administrative and manufacturing complex ‘Engineering Center of Defense Initiatives Company’ in the Free Economic Zone ‘Minsk’ (at Matusyevicha str.,33), incorporating: the administrative and manufacturing building – 3,500 sqm; the manufacturing and warehouse unit – 2,500 sqm.

05.12.2018 Between December 03 and 05, 2018 'Defense Initiatives' jointly with SFTUE ‘BELSPETSVNESHTECHNIKA’ co-exhibited at the 1st International Defense Exhibition ‘EDEX-2018’. The visitors of joint booth, including the Egyptian Air Force delegation, headed by Major General Ashraf El Dowady, Chief of Staff for the Egyptian Air Force, got acquainted with the products of the company. More…

10.10.2018 The company ‘Defense Initiatives’ acknowledged the fulfillment of requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and STB 9001-2015 in September, 2018. As a result, the Company obtained the certificates of conformity, which attest the conformity of the Quality Management System for development, production, modification, installation, repair, service maintenance of equipment for radiolocation, radio navigation, radio measuring, radio equipment for remote control, intended for aviation and special platforms with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and STB ISO 9001-2015. More...

02.10.2018 Between September 25 and 27 the company 'Defense Initiatives' exhibited in the 3rd Azerbaijan International Defense Exhibition. The company's stand displayed the airborne defense suite for operational aircraft ‘Talisman’, the helicopter airborne defense suite 'Amulet' and the self-defense suite for ground-based mobile platforms ‘Mirage’.

14.09.2018 The company ‘Defense Initiatives’ invites new partners and friends to visit its exhibition booth at the 3rd Azerbaijan International Defense Exhibition ‘ADEX-2018’ to be held in Baku, September 25-27, 2018. The upcoming event will allow visitors to learn more about the company, explore its innovative products and their unique capabilities. You may find us in Hall 1, Booth 2076. To schedule a meeting, kindly contact us via

28.08.2018 Between August 21 and 26 the company ‘Defense Initiatives’ took part in the International Military-Technical Forum ‘Army-2018’ (Russian Federation). The developments of the company were presented at the restricted access exhibition.

10.08.2018 Self-defense suite for protection of mobile platforms and areas against electronic surveillance aircraft ‘Mirage’ has successfully accomplished the next test stage, focused on evaluation of ‘Mirage’ radio-electronic ‘cover’ of military facilities, platforms and special vehicles as well as testing SDS ‘Mirage’ algorithms and jamming modes against the synthetic aperture radar.

03.08.2018 June 19 to August 3, 2018 – the airborne defense suite ‘Amulet’ underwent the first stage of provisional tests. In the course of such the ADS ‘Amulet’ performance against short-range air defense systems was evaluated. The obtained test results fully confirmed the claimed ADS ‘Amulet’ performance.

26.07.2017 Between July 18 and 23 the company 'Defense Initiatives' co-exhibited in the 13th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017. The company's products ADS 'Amulet' showcased on the parking apron of helicopter Mi-35, ADS 'Talisman' on the parking apron of Yak-130 and fitted on Yak-130 taking part in MAKS flight programme.

24.05.2017 Based on participation in the 8th International Exhibition of arms and military machinery MILEX-2017, the company 'Defense Initiatives' was awarded the diploma 'For the Best Section Report' at the 7th International scientific conference on military and technical matters, defense and safety issues, the application of dual-use technologies'. The subject of report — 'The concept of helicopter protection in modern armed conflicts'. More…

10.02.2017 By the decision of the state agency 'Administration of the free economic zone 'Minsk' the company 'Defense Initiatives' was registered as a resident of the free-trade zone 'Minsk' for the implementation of the investment project. See the certificate in the tab 'Certificate'.

01.10.2016 From 26 to 30 September, 2016 'Defense Initiatives' was exhibiting at ADEX-2016 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The company's stand displayed the ADS 'Talisman- NT', featuring the Missile Approach Warning Radar (MAWR), for the aircraft Yak-130, Mig-29 and Su-25, ADS 'Amulet' for the helicopters of the 'Mil'-family, the self-defense suite for protection of ground-based mobile platforms 'Mirage' and Missile Approach Warning and Countermeasures System 'Aura'. More…

25.07.2016 'Defense Initiatives' jointly with a UAC member 'Irkut Corporation' and JSC 'Development and Design Bureau named after Yakovlev' held the flight evaluation of ADS 'Talisman' installed on the aircraft Yak-130 (Mitten). The test and evaluation programme was fully executed with ADS 'Talisman' having confirmed its effectiveness to protect aircraft against guided missile weapons of aircraft intercept missile systems (AIMS) and SAM-systems. Namely, the flight tests verified the operating mode 'Electronic stealth': the AIMS radar means failed to detect Yak-130 throughout the flight.

26.11.2015 The National system for conformity approval of the Republic of Belarus has confirmed the validity of ‘the Certificate of Conformity for quality management of the company ‘Defense Initiatives’ with regard to the design and manufacturing of equipment for radiolocation, radionavigation and the equipment for remote control for their compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2009.

31.08.2015 'Defense Initiatives' was co-exhibiting at the International Aviation and Space Salon 'MAKS-2015' (Zhukovsky, Russian Federation) as part of PJSC 'Corporation 'Irkut'. Numerous delegations, experts and potential consumers learnt about the ADS 'Talisman-NT' installed on the aircraft Yak-130.

17.08.2015 The flight tests with ADS 'Talisman' successfully accomplished in the customer's territory. In flight intercepts and air defense penetration ADS 'Talisman' confirmed its effectiveness. It was the 'electronic stealth' mode, particularly emphasized by the Customer, where contemporary fighter-interceptors failed to detect and 'kill' the aircraft fitted with ADS 'Talisman' throughout the whole time span of interception (attack).

02.03.2015 From 22 to 26 February, 2015 'Defense Initiatives' was exhibiting at IDEX-2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company showcased the airborne defense suites 'Talisman' and 'Amulet'. Numerous delegations and potential consumers learnt about the company’s products. The company’s exhibition stand was attended by Deputy National Security Adviser of UAE Sheikh Tahnoon bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Commander of UAE Air Forces, Major General Mohammed bin Suweidan Saeed al-Qamzi. More…

19.01.2015 'Defense Initiatives' is to take part as an exhibitor in the 12th International Defence Exhibition IDEX-2015 (22-26, February, 2015)to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company's exhibition stand will feature the main developments and solutions as well as the results of numerous tests.

26.11.2014 At our page we keep on uploading the materials on the company's developments.

27.09.2014 ADS 'Talisman' On 'Allies' — TV-channel 'Mir' View video…

15.09.2014 'Defense Initiatives' took part in the 1st Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition ADEX-2014 (September 11-13, 2014, Baku, Azerbaijan). More…

16.07.2014 Starting from June 2014 the educational establishment 'The Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus' has been hosting the technical specialists of the Customer, undergoing trainng in the special course 'EW aircraft - ADS 'Talisman'. The training course covers both the lectures in design and operation of the ADS 'Talisman' and practical training in ADS installation and maintenance on the aircraft.

14.07.2014 Upon the completion of the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery 'MILEX-2014' the company 'Defense Initiatives' was awarded the diploma 'For Unique High-tech Solutions'.

16.05.2014 ADS 'Talisman' has been included in the passport for the operational trainer 'Yak-130' (ßÊ-130). The Yak-130 will be fitted only with the latest modifications of ADS 'Talisman', providing and maintaining the aircraft protection against radar and electro-optical guided missiles. With the help of ADS, the aircraft will feature and realize the 'electronic stealth' mode.

13.05.2014 The modification 'Talisman-NT' is armed with the equipment providing target designation for the seekers of anti-radiation missiles. ADS 'Talisman-NT' — carriers may employ the 'air-to-radar' missiles with no need to use any additional equipment.

18.04.2014 'Defense Initiatives' is about to upload the materials on the key developments of the company.

03.04.2014 'Defense Initiatives' is taking part in the 7th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery MILEX-2014, to be held from July 9 to 12, 2014 in the city of Minsk (Republic of Belarus). For more details, visit our page on Facebook.

23.07.2013 Invisible aircraft. Talisman demonstrates new features. Download press-release (pdf)