The range research complex (RRC)
based on the radar sighting system (RSS) of the fighter aircraft Mig-29 (Fulcrum)

The range research complex RRC-29 is intended for conducting research on the resistance of the airborne electronic warfare systems to onboard radar stations as well as for carrying out flying personnel training.

RRC-29 is designed to tackle the following tasks:

  • To study the electronic countermeasures resistance of the onboard radars and ECM effectiveness when affected by jammers.
  • Target environment simulation with the employment of the standard radar simulator.
  • On-line visualization of the intrastation parameters of the RSS-29.
  • Combat training of the flying personnel in dense signal environment.
  • Radar surveillance of the real targets and jammers.
  • Indication of the target and jamming environment on the display of the RSS-29 and remote monitors.

RRC-29 is housed in a specialized container fitted on a trailer. The specialized container provides the arrangement and operation of all the elements of the RRC-29, the intrastation test and control equipment, as well as the conduct of the full-scale experiments and researches in any seasonal and climatic environment.

The installation of the RRC-29 in a specialized container allows to reduce substantially the costs associated with the flying personnel training with no need for conducting aircraft sorties.

Proceeding from the Customer's requirements, RRC may be equipped with the onboard radars of the aircraft MiG-29 (Fulcrum), Su-27 (Flanker), Su-30 (Flanker-C).

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